It happened! After many failed attempts and 3 and 1/2 years of wait! It was bound to happen, sooner or later!

It was 5 in the morning. The wing had a deserted look. The block always looked a little scary at odd hours. With not a sound, not a movement, not even flicker of light, I always found mega block, which is a huge building, to be hypnotic and give an eerie feeling. But today was not the day. Today was the “trip” and soon I would find people waking up and getting ready for the “trip”.

It was going as per my schedule, and by 530 I was ready to leave. But to my disappointment I found only 11 people got ready by then. It wasnt really surprising, I knew not all will be ready on time. Hungry, and ready to leave, we all set to Thadambail to have breakfast of buns and sambar. I have, of late, started to like that stuff, its something available only in this part of the state. The buns were good, not oily, with soft center and a tinge of sweet and chilly(?). The rest of the class also joined us soon. With all of us nourished, we set out on the trip by 730.

Unfortunately ( or fortunately? ) the girls did not join us. Some had backed out at the last moment due to various reasons. With it being an all guys trip, its nature had completely changed. The implications being free flow of ideas, thoughts and motives, and some relaxation of the schedule πŸ™‚ Nevertheless, it would have been great to have everyone on the board.

To the comfort of the driver, we had all gathered and asked him to begin the drive. This had put an end to his early morning boredom, which i suppose started much before 530 AM. The drive was smooth, first on a national highway, then a state highway, then just a road and in the end on some path. The almost 3 hour drive made me sing more songs than i have sang in the entire last one year! With some melody in our voices, some noise and a lot of screeching we did a splendid job of entertaining ourselves and even managed to screw up our larynx enough to make us shut up and sit after a couple of hours of “singing”.Β  The all time favorites were bidi jalileye, yaaron, dost dost na raha among several others. The gult song “ring ringa ring rigna ring ringa ring ringa reeee…” brought out the headbanger in all of us.

The drive was interrupted by an half hour pit stop at some place on the way. I have no recollection of the name of the place. Everyone took this opportunity to refresh themselves and the villagers.Β  As this was the last place where we could get some items to keep us nourished, people took what they thought would give them some energy: buns, puris, idlis, biscuits, chips, cold drinks, packed peanuts, DSP Black, Old Monk, Smirnoff, bananas, small, king…There was nothing much mentioning about the place except small shops, old men staring at you, carnivorous cows, autos(!!), and a fully stocked bar yet not enough variety of food to eat.

We reached a place where the trek would start. The bus would not go any further. The trek started by crossing a 10 meter wide stream of water of knee depth. This set a precedent for the rest of the trek. All of us, after wading through the stream, slipping on slippery stones, looking out for leeches and other creatures in water and having reached the other side safely, made a triumphant call, followed by a photo session as a mark of our triumph. This turned out to be just the start, and water perfectly harmless, and almost no leeches in this weather.

The trek was an easy one by trekking standards. It is just around 4km trek ( thats what I was told).Β  For the non-trekkers, like me, it was sufficiently tiring. Large portions of the trek was just a walk on slightly inclined ground.. I did notice how one and half hours had gone by since we started trekking. It went on smooth until the last half an hour. With uncertainty of direction, difficult terrain , growing heat, humidity and fatigue, things started to get a little challenging. The path grew narrower, less visible and obvious, and the nagging yet pleasant sound of the water falling, which made you think you were close to the falls, filled us all intermittently. We kept trekking , expecting that the fall was ahead us at the next turn, at every turn. But it was not. We were getting impatient, I started to doubt if we were on the right path. And then we saw water! We had reached! No, we didn’t. We continued on, and then came the shouts, the cries! Yes, we found it! We had reached! I, after slipping on some mud, after falling of some rock into water and some maneuvering finally got the view of it! It was beautiful. It looked much better than in the pictures! It was worth all the effort (though for a trekker, this would have been one of the easy treks).

What happened next I will cover in another post πŸ™‚