The day finally comes in my engineering career where i sit for comapnies. Well this is for internship. So microsoft is coming to take interns for summer which is more than six months away. Well some details of how the week has been. Just finished economics test yesterday, coming now after writing the OS lab end sem exam and have to submit DBS project report tomorrow. Among all these a test by MS. The preparations are great! 😉

In another few minutes i will be leaving for the test, thought the best last moments will be to write a blog. Well the first round is written C-apti. Some hope for me there. The interview will be tomorrow. But tomorrow is long way, there are 101 people competing for this internship and i have no clue how many is on offer.

My programming skills have lost touch and polish of late, weary of what i will do with interview. I can probably discuss Chandrayaan-1 and India’s secret nuclear submarine Advanced Technolgy Vechicle(ATV). I wish he lets me speak about Computer Graphics and i get a chance to work on DirectX.

All other strategies are dynamic! This is going to be more of a test in distracting him into subjects i know. Will update after my tests.


P.S. : Here is the sequel